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Satan contends that peace and tranquility are the ruination of a species. This argument is taken up in The Ring of Time

Doctor Gerard Sutton leads a fulfilling life—teaching at a university in Southern California, pursuing his hobby of researching paranormal phenomena, and spending his summers on archeological sites in Central America. Sutton is well content with his day-to-day world until, on a dig in Guatemala, a mysterious stranger appears and gives him a remarkable artifact, a gold ring, old before men walked the earth. This ring will reveal for him 5,000 years of human history seen through his own eyes.

And so begins a journey through the ages that will lead young Sutton to become a “mind traveler” able to move in and out of the past at will. As the story unfolds, a misadventure traps the “mind traveler” in the body of an otherworldly being—a being that may just hold the key to unlocking the origin and history of the human race.

The Ring of Time intertwines the long-explored concept of time travel with that of the out-of-body experience. It is a journey of intrigue and adventure across the ages, one that will hold readers to the last page.

About the Author

Clint Perkins AuthorUpon completing his military service in 1964, Clinton C. Perkins moved to Austria where he attended the University of Vienna and became a German-English translator.

Later Mr. Perkins opened an English language bookshop—Pickwick’s Paperbacks–in Vienna, which he ran for nearly twenty years. He now lives in Arizona with his wife, Beverly.



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